Advanced Strategy

Some attention has been given to the “Sure Fire” Betting system – where you bypass the come out roll and bet on all of the place numbers for one roll only. You bet $5 on the four, five, nine, and ten, and place $6 each on the 6 and 8, so you have $32 in play. You’ll win on the four or ten ($9), five or nine ($7), and six or eight ($7). However, you’ll lose all $32 if the seven rolls, so you may have to win five more times (5 x $7 = $35) just to get your $32 back.

There is a better way of doing this, but it involves placing the same numbers BEFORE the come out roll, along with a pass line bet to protect you from the seven. You also make a “3-way” craps bet, which is a one roll bet for the numbers 2, 3 and 12. If you bet $3 ($1 each) the payoff is 30:1 ($30) on the two and twelve, and 15:1 ($15) on the three.

So you’ll bet $3 3-way craps, along with $40 on the pass line. Place $5 on the four, five, nine and ten, and $6 each on the six and eight. Be sure to request that all of your bets be “ON” for the come out roll. This way, the seven will not hurt you. Let’s see what happens when a number hits –

4 or 10 – win $6 (+$9 place – $3 3-way)

5 or 9 – win $4 (+$7 place – $3 3-way)

6 or 8 – win $4 (+7 place – $3 3-way)

7 – win $5 (+$40 pass – $32 place – $3 3-way)

11- win $37 (+$40 pass – $3 3-way)

2 or 12 – lose $10 ($30 3-way – $40 pass)

3 – lose $25 ( + $15 3-way – $40 pass )

A slight variation of this play is to make a $35 pass line bet instead of $40. This way the seven will give you a push, but you’ll only lose $5 (instead of $10) on the 2/12 or $20 (instead of $25) on the 3.

What this new system really does is shift the primary burden of losing from the seven (at 6:1 odds) to the three (at 12:1 odds). In the first mentioned “sure-fire” system, if you lost on the seven, you would lose $32. In this new system, if you lose on the 3, you’re out only $25.

The seven rolls twice as many times as the three, so it’s a fairly safe system to use. If you’re a pass line bettor anyway, you really should give it a try before the come out. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll win and how easy it is to play!

And as always, good luck at the tables!