Many casinos now offer up to 100X odds to their craps players. What most crapshooters don’t realize is that you can place odds for any amount under 100X as well – for example you can take 7X odds, or 16X odds if you want to. This can be very profitable if you are betting pass-line and come bets, as you can increase your odds bets progressively while the flat portion stays the same.

The odds portion is the “free” part of your bet, and commands no casino vig. Thus you can bet $5 pass (or come) and take up to $500 odds in many casinos. The flat pass or come bet will pay $5 but the odds portion pays true odds, not casino odds.

Before you plunge in and start betting, you should have a high enough bankroll to sustain yourself for a long run in order to produce a maximum profit. This should be 100X your first bet, or $500 if you’re betting $5 chips. Plus, you need to chart the table before you start to bet. You’ll have a lot of money on the table for this system, and you only want to bet with a qualified shooter – in other words, a shooter who has won already with a point number.

After the shooter is qualified, bet $5 pass. When the point is established take one unit odds and place $5 in the come box for the next two numbers, and take one unit odds on both of them. Then, just wait for a decision.

If you win on any numbers (pass or come), bet the same way on the next come out, but this time take two units odds on both your pass and come bets. One more positive decision and bet 3 units, then 4 units, then 5 units, etc. Note that you are increasing your odds bets one unit when you are winning, while the flat portion remain the same. If you only win on the pass line but lose your two come bets, keep the odds bets the same, for the same qualified shooter.

If you lose a bet, go down one unit on the odds only. If you get down to single odds again and lose, you’re finished with this bet. And if you get down to single odds on all three bets, take a break for a while or find another table. Or, just switch to the don’t side and play this system with don’t-pass and don’t-come bets.

This is a terrific system when it comes to a hot shooter – your profits will multiply due to the increased profits brought on increasing just your odds bets. These wagers will increase only on a hot table, which gives you a better chance to catch a good roll. You’ll be in position to win all three initial bets at 1X odds, win all three at 2X odds, etc.

Remember, you always INCREASE your odds bets only while winning and DECREASE them while losing. You should also have a set win/loss limit of $300 and adhere to it – you don’t want to give all of your odds winnings back to the casino!

And, as always, good luck at the tables!